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Aleksander Nowak’s Drach. Dramma per musica Premiered at Poland's Auksodrone Festival

Oct. 01, 2019

Aleksander Nowak’s <em>Drach. Dramma per musica</em> Premiered at Poland's Auksodrone Festival

The world premiere of Aleksander Nowak’s Drach. Dramma per musica was performed on October 4-6 at the Auksodrone Festival at the Mediateka in Tychy, Poland. Set to a libretto by Szczepan Twardoch, each act of this three-act work was performed on a different night of the festival, and on October 5, audiences were treated to a panel with the work’s creators – Nowak and Twardoch – hosted by Michal Nogaś, in the foyer of the Mediateka.

Drach. Dramma per musica is based on Szczepan Twardoch’s novel of the same name. The performance featured singers Joanna Freszel, Jan Jakub Monowid and Sebastian Szumski, accompanied by the AUKSO Orchestra with harpsichordist Marcin Świątkiewicz, under the baton of Marek Mosia. Scenery was comprised of a film by Łukasz Herod (cinematographer for the film “Polański, Horowitz. Wizards from the Ghetto”).
The composer notes: "It's not so much an opera as a musical drama, where the stage is not the main issue, but rather, the text and of course the music are. Even the instrumentation - strings plus harpsichord - references that of the first musical dramas.”

This is Aleksander Nowak’s second year as a guest of the Auksodrone Festival. Last year, the festival presented his work, La la la, a fascinating song based on processed children's voices.

Listen to Aleksander Nowak’s The Heaven in Niedabyl here:

(The Heaven in Niedabyl/Aleksander Nowak/Orkiestra Muzyki Nowej/Bartek Duś/Szymon Bywalec, conductor)

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Aleksander Nowak
Drach. Dramma per musica (2019)
opera in three acts